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Dog group walks in Toronto for only $17 per Walk!

Calling all dog owners in Bloor West, Fort York, CityPlace, Liberty Village, King West, and Queen West – Hey Petsie Dog Walking is here to revolutionize your furry friend's daily routine! If your dog is an enthusiastic walker who loves socializing, then our services are tailor-made for them.

What Sets Hey Petsie Dog Walking Apart?

Hey Petsie isn't just another dog walking service; we're a community dedicated to providing your canine companion with a fulfilling and joyful experience. Here's why you should choose us:

✅ Group Walks for Social Butterflies: Join a group of up to 4 dogs and embark on an adventure lasting 45 minutes to an hour. Our walks are carefully curated to cater to your dog's social needs, allowing them to interact, play, and make friends while exploring the neighborhood.

cute dogs from HeyPetsie.com

✅ Tailored Packages for Your Convenience: Our package of 20 walks at just $17 per walk offers incredible value! This convenient package allows your dog to enjoy regular walks, ensuring they have ample opportunities to socialize and exercise.

Group walks for $17


✅ Comprehensive Services: Hey Petsie isn't just about walks; it's an experience. Each walk includes rubs, poo bags, and treats to make your furry friend's outing not only fun but also rewarding.

✅ Personalized Attention: We keep our group sizes small, ensuring that each dog receives the attention and care they deserve. With a maximum of 4 dogs per group, our experienced handlers can focus on the needs and safety of each dog.

Dog walker in Toronto , training 4 dogs during fall

✅ Daily Report Cards: Stay informed about your dog's adventures! Receive daily report cards detailing their activities, interactions, and any noteworthy moments from their walk.

Report card from a group walk in Hey Petsie Pet Sitting

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